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How to Kill a Zombie

It is well known that the only way to kill a zombie is to attack its head. However, the works of Robert Kirkman tell us that it is not sufficient to chop the head off. Instead, it is necessary to inflict severe brain damage either through the use of a blunt instrument like a spade or by using a gun. An axe can also be used, although illustrations in many works, including Kirkman’s show that the axe needs to penetrate deep into the cranial cavity to stop the zombie.

It is worth noting that zombies freeze more easily than living creatures. This can be used as a way of stopping them in very cold conditions. Please be aware that they will continue as before when they finally thaw.

The most important thing to remember when confronted with the undead is to keep your wits about you, this will be your greatest weapon.

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How to Spot a Zombie

There’s been a lot of talk about zombies recently. What with the Halloween RPGing game, board games with friends, discussions amongst colleagues and of course Facebook comments about potential invasions (I’ve decided that the South of the country has been compromised already).

So, here’s a quick guide to spotting a zombie (thanks to Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide):

  • Lack of emotion and facial expression
  • No need to sleep
  • Does not feel or react to pain
  • Does not breathe
  • Can continue even after sustaining injury
  • Speed and movement should be impaired due to atrophy
  • Weakened limbs
  • Poor hearing and vision
  • Smell – first of poor hygiene and then of decay
  • Pale skin

I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends fit many of these criteria already. This is undoubtedly cause for concern. Expect another post soon about how to survive a zombie apocalypse, if I write it in time that is..