Project 365: 42 Days Later

I’ve been doing Project365 for 42 days now. I’m surprised and pleased at my progress so far.

I’ve tried to have each image provide a ‘snapshot’ of the day. Which means I’ve not always chosen the best photo, rather the one I felt was most representative. At times I’ve taken note of the light levels and played around with the ISO or composition of the shot, other times I’ve snapped a single image on my way to or from work barely breaking stride.

I’ve struggled recently to come up with interesting pictures, but I think that’s mostly due to illness keeping me at home and draining my energy levels. As a result I’ve been using the Retro Camera app on my phone a fair bit, which feels like I’m cheating slightly.

So far, I’ve learned to be more brave in my choice of photo of the day – just because something doesn’t meet the conventional requirements for being good doesn’t mean it’s not any good!

My favourite photos so far have been the ones that provide an interesting view of an everyday scene. For example:

For Science! – The medical school has many cabinets of fascinating medical instruments and awards. I really like the composition and the lighting in this shot.

Bonfire Night – There are always many photos of bonfire night, but I really like the silhouette of the people watching contrasting with the bright colours of the fireworks. Both the picture and the colours themselves feel really crisp.

Upper Brook Street – It’s normally a very dull, busy road, but I feel this shot nicely captures a cold and lonely winter sun early on a work day morning.

Winter in Failsworth – Another shot taken early on a winter morning. This one in much colder temperatures and I think this is gotten across in the photo.


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