Chocolate Review – Hotel Chocolat, Nibbly Nibs

The dark chocolate ‘Nibbly Nibs’ from Hotel Chocolat are small rectangular pieces of perfectly formed chocolate in one of the ‘selector’ packets. The Hotel Chocolat selectors range being an affordable introduction to their range of chocolates.

Nibbly Nibs is described as ‘Caramelised cocoa crisps within dark chocolate for nibbly texture and flavour bursts’. There is no mention of the chocolate percentage on the front, but a look at the ingredients reveals that it’s 70%.  The next thing to mention is the wonderful smell upon opening the plastic packaging, these are not chocolates to be sniffed at.

Nibs are the resulting pieces of cocoa bean, after it’s been dry-roasted, cracked and de-shelled. It’s this which is normally used to create the chocolate. However, they can be eaten on their own if you want a real kick, or as is quite popular at the moment, sprinkled into chocolate to provide extra texture and flavour.

The chocolate here is lightly bitter, with a wonderful soft texture that easily melts away in the mouth to an explosion of a slightly fruity cocoa. It’s their standard dark chocolate, which is as tasty and more-ish as ever. The cocoa nibs are subtle; they aren’t evident until the chocolate starts to melt away and suddenly your mouth is full of them. They soon provide an extra kick though..

Not sort of chocolate to eat quickly, I nonetheless found my self snacking on my third piece before being able to stop myself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to work off a chocolate buzz..

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