Chocolate Review: Hotel Chocolat Purist, 90% St Lucia Salted Caramels

Hotel Chocolat have become a high street name in the last few years. They’ve managed to maintain a very high quality, while extending their range to suit all tastes and wallets. Their recently launched Purist selection is their premium range by an already premium chocolatier. It uses a variety of single origin chocolates, in particular from their very own St Lucia estate, to create a nice choice of individual bars, ganaches and pralines.

The 90% St Lucia Salted Caramels came in a strip of six individual chocolates. The packaging was no-frills, yet gave the impression of something slightly special and I have to say they tasted amazing. I experienced a real buzz from the dark chocolate, balanced out nicely by the caramel, so not at all as overpowering or bitter as the percentage would suggest. The caramel perhaps tasted a bit too much of condensed milk, but there was just the right amount of salt and sugar, giving it a lovely taste that complimented the chocolate perfectly. You don’t get to explore the flavours in the chocolate as much as with a bar of their Purist dark chocolate, but a very pleasant treat nonetheless.

The Hotel Chocolat Purist range seems to contain the best chocolate currently available on the high street. Well worth trying and something I will no doubt come back to in these series of reviews.



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