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Chocolate Review: Tesco Finest Organic Ecuadorian 85% Plain Chocolate

The Tesco Finest Organic Ecuadorian 85% Plain Chocolate is a Fairtrade single origin bar made from Arriba beans. Described as intensely fruity, without the bitterness you’d expect of a 85% dark chocolate. I was slightly irritated by the use of ‘plain’ rather than ‘dark’ chocolate in the name, but I didn’t let that out me off.

It reminded me of the Cote D’Or 86%, having the same soft texture and more-ish-ness. I found it to be smooth, well-rounded and certainly fruity. Although there were no particularly complex flavours, meaning it seemed slightly lacking in depth. It was nonetheless very pleasant but all too easy to eat. A good introduction to dark chocolate and a bargain at its current price of a quid for 100g.


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